Planning / Tree Application Process:

When the Parish Council receives a Planning or Tree application from Wiltshire Council and there is no Parish Council meeting due, the application is emailed out to all the Members. The Members then examine the application and if it appears benign a Comment of 'No Objection' is past back to Wiltshire Council without holding a formal meeting.
It is also possible for an application to be objected to using the email method as the Parish Clerk holds full delegated authority to responded to applications on the Parish Council’s behalf. However, if the application looks to be controversial or complicated an extra formal meeting will be held.
If you would like to express an opinion on an application that is not due to go to a formal Council meeting, please contact the Clerk and don’t forget to send your comment to Wiltshire Council as it is Wiltshire Council who are the Planning Authority, and they have the final says on all applications.
You can view all the planning applications below by clicking in the application number and this will take you to the Wiltshire Council website.


Planning Applications 2022 - (Listed in order received)

NEW: PL/2022/00139

Barters Lane Cottage, Barters Lane, Donhead St Mary, SP7 0EW

Proposed two story extension, kitchen living room and en suite bedroom.

NEW: PL/2022/00441


Rear and side extension and new rear dormer to existing dwelling