Your Parish Councillors:

Cllr Eric Adams

Resident of: LUDWELL

Cllr John Feltham - Chairman

Rep for: The Remembrance Fields Trust

Resident of: DONHEAD ST MARY

Cllr Phoebe Fortescue

Rep for: The AONB

Resident of: WINCOMBE PARK

Cllr Annie Garnett

Parish Civil Contingencies - Rep for: Footpaths / Rights of Way

Resident of: THE COOMBES

Cllr Thomas Rossiter

Parish Snow Warden

Resident of: LUDWELL

01747 828252

Cllr John Wright

Resident of: THE COOMBES

Cllr Paul Dewey

Rep for: Donhead Sports Club and The Remembrance Fields Trust

Resident of: CHARLTON

Cllr Lin Walker

Parish Flood Warden - Rep for: Highway Matters

Resident of: CHARLTON

Cllr Charlene Elbrow

Rep for: New Remembrance Hall Committee and The Playgrounds

Resident of: CHARLTON

Cllr Roger Brake

Resident of: THE COOMBES

Wiltshire Council Representative:

Nick Errington - Councillor for the Tisbury Division

The Old Vicarage
Park Road
SP3 6LF 

Mob: 07967 502981
Phone:  01747 870503



Register of  Interests for the Parish Councillors can be found here